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Panda Editor – First Release

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Panda3D, Panda3D Scene Editor

It’s been just over a year since I started the editor project and I’ve finally got around to making a release. “Release early, release often” as they say – I seems to be struggling with both those concepts. I’ve found it difficult to shelve the idea of not releasing a polished piece of code in order to get some feedback, so I’ve pared some of the features which were still in early development and moved some of the other functionality into plugins that I will release later. In this way I hope to create a nice, solid core which can be expanded with plugins. Hopefully some other users will find it useful!

Code is available here.

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  • Monty

    Thank you for this. I will try it out over the next few days and let you know how I got on.

    What are your plans for this? How many people are working on it? Do you accept donations?

    • derfies

      Hi Monty,

      I’m planning on supporting this as long as possible, but there’s only myself working on it. Haven’t thought about donations really but I suppose they would be welcome!

  • Justin

    Is this still in development!?!? I’ve just discovered Panda3D and am excited to tear it up. I don’t see why this isn’t a great engine to work with. Only problem is of course the lack of a scene editor officially supported.

    • derfies

      Unfortunately I’ve slowed down my development on this due to other commitments (including setting up my own studio). It didn’t quite get the traction I was hoping in the community either, at least that I know of. You’re more than welcome to try it, modify it, do whatever you like to it. If you need help with the code I should be able to take you through it. Otherwise I might come back to it eventually…!

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