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Rubix Cube Game

by on Jun.10, 2012, under Panda3D, Panda3D Scene Editor

I’ve just uploaded my latest Panda3D project which you can play here – it’s a small Rubix Cube simulation. This was my first project to be completed with the editor I’m developing. It’s quite simple in scope but was valuable as an exercise as it dictated which features I added to the editor next. Needless to say developing an editor and a project with it in parallel is pretty exhausting!

Here’s a screenshot of how the editor looks in its current state with the Rubix Cube project loaded:

More details on the editor in my next post.

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  • Nemesis#13

    may I know what you’re using for running the main loop?
    Are you using wxPython’s main loop for rendering, wxPython’s time events or Panda3D’s task manager.

    I played around with various combinations lately and couldn’t find any satisfying solution. Yet running wxPython and Panda3D in separate threads sounds like a potential error source.

    • derfies

      Hi Nemesis,

      Check out this link, or search for “wx” on the forums. That first link is pretty close to what I use. You’re basically killing the default wx loop and using Panda’s instead, which then runs a wx step to process events. I’ve found this to be pretty robust with the exception of wx Accelerator Tables which don’t seem to work so well. There’s no reason you can’t use Panda’s event system to process these if necessary however.

  • Nemesis#13

    Oh and, can I find the code for the editor somewhere?

    • derfies

      I haven’t posted the editor stuff anywhere just yet. I’m still deciding on what I want to do with it, plus there’s still a lot of the basic architecture that’s changing at the moment. The gizmos are available currently; I might release other bits and pieces in the near future.

  • Amanda

    Just discovered this editor. It looks awesome! I hope you’re still working on it!

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